Angela Conner

Angela Conner has been making public sculptures for more than 40 years. Her work often harnesses the natural forces of our environment – water, wind, gravity, sun, etc. These natural elements move and unfold the forms in her sculpture.

Solo shows include Lincoln Centre, New York; Browse and Darby, Cork St, London; Economist Plaza, London; and Hirschl Fine Art, London. Conner also has exhibited at The Royal Academy; The V & A; Beaux Arts, Cork St, London; Carnegie Museum of Modern Art, USA; and others worldwide. She is a Fellow of The Royal British Society of Sculptors.

She has been awarded the Institute of American Architects Honor Award for sculpture and co-design of Heinz Plaza, Pittsburg, USA. Her 129-foot sculpture Wave in Ireland was given the Allianz “Business to Arts Award.” She also won the Kinetic Art Organisation’s first prize and created the tallest wind and water mobile in Europe.

Wave 2003

Rolling Stones


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