These Activities Will Centre On:

The Foundation has embarked on an ambitious fundraising programme, both locally and globally. Resources are expected to be sourced from a range of options, including individual and corporate donations, fundraising activities/events, the donor community, and other philanthropic organisations. The Government of Saint Lucia has committed to providing support and assistance with land acquisition.
The Saint Lucia Sculpture Park Foundation is working with government and relevant agencies, including the departments of Planning and Physical Development, Fisheries and Forestry, to lease, acquire and donate suitable sites. Several private sector companies are in partnership with the Saint Lucia Sculpture Park.
A number of collaborative partnerships have been developed with:
  •   Government/state agencies
  •   Private sector companies
  •   Communities & civil society
  •   International artistic community
  •   Donor agencies
  •   Friendly governments
Due diligence is the backbone of a strong, committed and accountable civic organisation. The Saint Lucia Sculpture Park Foundation employs the most knowledgeable and dedicated practitioners to handle its strategic policy, records management, and overall day-to-day affairs.
Cap Estate
The Foundation has embarked on an intensive programme of public education; partnering with universities, schools, and the leading Sculpture Parks globally.

Involving beautification, environmental conservation and rethinking of the use of public spaces for cultural expression and recreation.
SchoolroomSculpture in the Schoolroom: A free programme for kindergarten, primary and secondary schools designed to provide an outlet for children to visually express themselves and the world as they see it, with an emphasis on beautification, maintaining a pristine environment and to heighten environmental consciousness, environmental health, education on proper garbage disposal, cleaning up rivers and ravines on the island, planting flowering and fruiting trees, and restocking the rivers of Saint Lucia with indigenous fish.
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